Fun With Node, Restify, and JSON Web Token

I describe why Node matters to me, then go over some code. Feel free to skip to the code.


The 2nd tech I got to play with on my vacation was Node, the middleware Restify, and wiring up JSON Web Tokens for authentication.

Today, I wanted to cover what I learned building a sample application. Specifically why Restify over Express, static vs API hosting, some of the basics I didn’t know about REST API’s, CORS, Promises with Bluebird, routes, and my changed attitudes towards API development.
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Fun With Polymer 1.1


I’ve spent the past 2 weeks of my vacation playing with JavaScript, Polymer, Node, Express, Restify, and Mongo. Today, I wanted to cover the fun I had with Polymer, Google’s web UI component framework, contrast it with other frameworks, and give my general impressions. From this you’ll have a firm understanding of what Polymer is for, how to use it, and what things to watch for.

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