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Why Rewrite InsertBackendHere to Node?

There are always fads, but sometimes the fads have reasons they are fads. Question from a reader:
"I'm fine re-architecting our various software applications used internally using Backbone/Angular for the front-end. However, why would I use Node for the back-end when my Spring MVC SOAP Java business layer works just fine?"
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Experiences in Managing Software Development Through Kanban & Trello


On my last project, I managed a team developing an application to manage hospitality locations. Given our requirements were constantly in flux, the contracts were on a short cycle, and the team was generally new to enterprise software development, I chose a Kanban style approach to managing and delivering it. I wanted to share with you the rationale, methodology, challenges, and the surprising change to my role while on the...
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My First Powerlifting Competition

I attended my first Powerlifting competition last weekend called the 2015 Starting Strength Fall Classic. I played baseball and soccer as a kid, but didn't participate any sports past elementary school. Therefore this was quite a special event for me for a variety of reasons. My original motivation was knowing I was probably seriously outmatched, I persevered to train hard for over a year and attempt to "win" anyway. After hearing my older...
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