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Dan Geer’s ‘Tradeoffs in Cyber Security’ Essay

Some wonderfully choice quotes from this cyber security essay by Dan Geer. Quite long, but (somewhat?) clearly illustrates the challenges of living in a society where there is so much data about you easily accessible, even if you don't actually intentionally contribute. Additionally, he covers the increasing struggle how we conform to these loss of freedoms which is the antithesis of being an American, yet we keep doing it. While...
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Why Rewrite InsertBackendHere to Node?

There are always fads, but sometimes the fads have reasons they are fads. Question from a reader:
"I'm fine re-architecting our various software applications used internally using Backbone/Angular for the front-end. However, why would I use Node for the back-end when my Spring MVC SOAP Java business layer works just fine?"
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Experiences in Managing Software Development Through Kanban & Trello


On my last project, I managed a team developing an application to manage hospitality locations. Given our requirements were constantly in flux, the contracts were on a short cycle, and the team was generally new to enterprise software development, I chose a Kanban style approach to managing and delivering it. I wanted to share with you the rationale, methodology, challenges, and the surprising change to my role while on the...
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